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Track Maintenance and Bill for it
FlameTask is innovative barcode inspection software for iPhone or iPod Touch with options for RFID to inventory control and billing. We believe this is preventive maintenance software at it's finest.

Camera or Reader
You can use the built in iPhone (or other iOS device) camera or to save battery & time you can use a snappy barcode reader / RFID reader (RFID is perfect for extreme or dusty environments).

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Barcodes / RFID
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Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically Safe
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Any Equipment
From extinguishers to exit signs, any equipment with scheduled or unscheduled service will work beautifully with FlameTask.

Choose from a list of reports. The Inspection Report with your custom letterhead shows all equipment at a customer location and lists activities underneath. All equipment not inspected or "missing", "customer didn't want done", etc will show in red.

Overlay Reporting
Set up questionnaires to be asked on the reader or website & overlay the answers on any scanned in reports you may have.

Inventory Control
When a work order is converted into an invoice the inventory will reduce from the current inventory location. Import inventory with quantities under the desired on hand amount into a purchase order with a click of a button.

Invoice for Parts & Service
Import due service into a work order or invoice. FlameTask knows which billable items are for which type of service based on the model size, type, category, service name. Wildcards can also be used.

A Whole Lot More
There are allot of features in FlameTask, here is just a few of them.

Monthly / Yearly Inspections
Simply scanning the equipment will update the monthly or yearly inspection.

Service Months
Want to service fire systems in July? Alarms in September and October? Choose which months you want different types of equipment serviced for each customer.

Generate Work Orders
Filter customers with due service & start adding them to readers, then just click generate work orders to bring in the billable items onto a work order.

Organize inventory by a definable hierarchy unlimited levels deep to easily see a list all products of a specific type.

Emailing Invoices
Each customer has a preference to email invoices & quotes or to print them for mail. Header information fits inside a windowed envelope.

Store Account
Flip back to your store account for point of sale quickly with a button in the select customer screen.

6 Year Stagger
A 6 year test automatically staggers around the hydrostatic test appropriately based on the date it lands on.

Time At Location
Are you worried your employees aren't doing their job? We keep track of the time equipment was scanned and generate a report based on the first and last scan of the day per reader.

Using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) we create a secure connection from you to the server.

Point of Sale
The barcode reader has a point of sale option for fast easy creation of invoices simply by scanning the items with your phone / Linea-Pro reader.

Automatically add predefined service to equipment by setting the model which links to service by the model's category.

Billable Service
Setup importable billable items that link to equipment by the size, type and category of the model.

Inventory Hierarchy
With hundreds or thousands of inventory items and billable service finding them can be easy with a user definable hierarchy with unlimited levels.

Bill To Information
A customer can share billing information with other customers in the case of multiple locations.

Download Specific
Download extra customers to a reader later without affecting current information as a one time download.

Custom Information
Aside from phone number, address, etc. you can add custom fields for each customer and bill to.

Work Order Preference
A customer preference can be set to priced out, no price, no total, or total only although you can still choose any option.

Uncommon Inventory
Set billable items as uncommon if you don't want to see them in your every day searches and prevent a mess by avoiding single use items.

Take An In-Depth Look
Take a look at some of our tutorials for more in depth information on all the features FlameTask has to offer on Youtube.

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For Servicing Companies and Everyone Else
Different pricing structures for servicing companies vs companies looking to keep track of their in-house monthly extinguisher and equipment inspections.

Servicing Usage
Monthly Charge Per Chain Location
250 / Month
Up To 50 Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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375 / Month
Up To 400 Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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500 / Month
Unlimited Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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In-House Usage
Monthly Charge Per Location
25 / Month
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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