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Track Scheduled Maintenance and Invoice it
FlameTask is revolutionary barcode & RFID inspection software for iPhone and Android. With inventory control, billing and reporting, this is incredible preventive maintenance software.

Camera or Reader
You can use the built in camera or to save battery & time you can use a snappy barcode reader / RFID reader (RFID is perfect for extreme or dusty environments).

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Built In
Barcodes / RFID
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Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically Safe
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iPhone / iPod Touch and Android
No need to buy expensive readers when you already have more advanced technology on hand. Available on iPhone and Android.

Don't have an smart phone? Use an iPod touch locked down so it can only use FlameTask with an optional laser scanner.

Non-iPhone Apps are in open BETA.

Any Equipment
From extinguishers to exit signs, any equipment with scheduled or unscheduled service will work beautifully with FlameTask.

We have a list of reports including an inspection report with your custom letterhead. See at a glance what was and wasn't done with red text and a reason from the technician.

Compliant Reporting
Set up (Yes,No,N/a,Text) questions to be asked on the reader and overlay the answers on any scanned in report you have received or made.

Mapping Equipment
Tell FlameTask where equipment is located to save time searching around large locations. Take a picture of a floor plan with your phone's camera or upload a digital copy from your library.
iPhone Only (More Coming Soon)

Inventory Control
FlameTask automatically reduces quantities from the current inventory location and can import items into a purchase order that fall below your minimum quantity.

A Whole Lot More
There are so many features, here's just a few of them.

Monthly / Yearly Inspections
Simply scanning the equipment will update the monthly or yearly inspection.

Service Months
Group different types of equipment in select months for each customer.

Once a job is complete, the customer can digitally sign the work order.

Deficiencies appear on the deficiencies report and every time equipment is scanned until they are resolved.

Optionally create questions you want asked every time the equipment is inspected or service is preformed.

Generate Work Orders
FlameTask finds service to be completed and generates a work order for you.

Organize inventory by a definable hierarchy unlimited levels deep to easily see a list all products of a specific type.

Email Invoices
Each customer has a preference to email invoices & quotes or to print them for mail.

6 Year Stagger
Optionally a 6 year test automatically staggers around the hydrostatic test appropriately based on the date it lands on.

Time At Location
Know exactly where and when each inspection was preformed. Know exactly how long a job took to complete.

FlameTask knows what service & dates new equipment has by knowing the model for quick input.

Billable Service
FlameTask already knows what to bill for when a service is preformed based on the model size, type, category & service name.

Custom Information
Aside from phone number, address, etc. you can add custom fields for each customer and bill to.

Work Order Preference
A customer preference can be set to priced out, no price, no total, or total only although you can still choose any option.

Uncommon Inventory
Inventory management is even easier with uncommon items that don't show up unless you ask them to.

Take An In-Depth Look
Take a look at some of our quick tutorial videos to see our application in action, or ask us about a live demo.

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Do all you want for a Flat Fee
FlameTask justifies its own cost with the time savings alone for both the technician and administration. Additionally FlameTask can prevent work not being completed, and other possible causes of money loss.

There are no set up fees and you will receive one free evaluation month. You can choose to pay at the end of the each month only if you decide to continue with your service.

Free / Optional Purchases
Unlimited Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
FlameTask Lite
149 / Month
Up To 50 Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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275 / Month
Up To 400 Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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399 / Month
Unlimited Customer Locations
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Equipment
Unlimited Reports
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Compare To Our Competition
$ / scan X Equipment Scans = $900.00 / Month
Reminder: billing, mapping, signatures, flexibility, ease of use, etc.

All prices are posted in Canadian dollars. Price per separately running location.
You will begin in the small plan and FlameTask will automatically adjust billing as you add more customer locations.

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